Evaluation Process

Assessment Process in Plymouth Meeting Tamil School

To assess progress toward learning outcomes of the 7 different levels, the following array of assessments are used by our school:

1. Classroom attendance

The two hours students spend every week is very carefully planned to teach Tamil using ATA Books and through interactive methods (games, media, recitals etc). Classroom attendance is very important to student teacher interaction and for the students to meet the expectation of a specific level.

2. Weekly Homework

To reinforce what is taught during classroom instruction time, PMTS students are required to finish the corresponding lessons in the ATA Homework Book. In addition to the HW Book, teachers may assign extra assignments/projects to gain more knowledge. The completed HW is submitted for assessment the following week and the teachers will follow up with their student/parent about the progress. The weekly HW assessment helps to track student learning, understanding and also a yearly statistic on the overall content knowledge for a specific student.

3. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester Examination

The three assessments are spread around the 24 weeks to periodically track progress, alignment to learning expectation of each level. Each assessment is segregated into written and oral exam.

Following is the grade breakdown per school year for a student:

1. Homework = 20 % ( 20 weeks / 1 points)

2. Attendance = 12 % ( 24 weeks / 0.5 points)

3. 1st Trimester = 22 % ( 22 points)

4. 2nd Trimester = 22 % ( 22 points)

5. Annual Exam = 24 % ( 24 points)