Parent Survey - FAQ

1. What is the AdvancED Parent Survey?

Parents’ Survey is a unique and comprehensive way to gather Parents’ feedback regarding our Plymouth Meeting Tamil School that is designed by AdvancED

2. Who takes the survey?

All parents who have children enrolled in Plymouth Meeting Tamil School for the year 2016 ~ 2017 have the opportunity to provide feedback by taking the Parent Survey

3. When is the survey given?

Our first Parent Survey date would be communicated soon.

4. How is the survey taken?

The survey is taken online. The Survey link would be sent to Parents emails and also make available on the school website.

Alternatively parents can take the survey when they drop the kids at Tamil School on Sundays.

5. How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey is brief and should take anywhere from 8 – 10 minutes to complete.

6. How many surveys would I be taking?

There will be two or more surveys for the school year.

7. Is participation required?

Yes, we strongly encourage/ require all parents to take this opportunity to provide feedback.

8. What if I have more than one child in Plymouth Meeting Tamil School?

Parents with more than one child in our school are asked to take the survey for their older child (Mandatory) and then for their youngest (Optional).

9. For the Question about what Grade my child is in, should I mention his Public School Grade?

Please refer the chart below to understand what should be chosen for grade.

Pre K / Kindergarten - Mazhalai

Grade 1- Nilai 1

Grade 2 – Nilai 2

Grade 3 – Nilai 3

Grade 4 – Nilai 4

Grade 5 – Nilai 5

Grade 6 – Nilai 6

10. I do not know anything about AdvancED Standards or Indicators, should I know/ learn them all before taking the survey?

AdvancED Standards and their corresponding indicators are used by the school board to gather and analyze statistical data regarding our Plymouth Meeting Tamil School. Parents need not know every standard or indicator. The questions administered will be more from Parents’ perception of school.